Knowledge: The key to confidence

Your plan is our passion

With a plan in place, designed to help meet your financial goals and objectives, you gain the confidence to know you have the funds to pursue your dreams. Building that plan starts here at Gregory Financial.

If your goals include leaving a legacy, helping put your children through college or giving loving care to your parents as they age, we can help you with that. If your dreams are to travel more, buy your dream home or delve into a new hobby, we can help you with that, too.

It all starts with understanding your finances and building a financial strategy designed for success. Unfortunately, women don't always know where their money is going or how to make it work for them to build retirement income. We want to change that.

The truth is, only 16% of women 85 and older are still married.1 That’s partially due to women having a longer lifespan than men.2 And yet, just 25% of women feel very knowledgeable about planning for income in retirement.3

Wouldn’t you rather feel confident in your financial situation before you had to make a big decision?

Todd Gregory has a knack for explaining complex situations in easy-to-understand language, without financial jargon. He is passionate about what he does and encourages all women to become financially independent and knowledgeable about their situation in order to make those important decisions with confidence.


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