Successful Retirements Start with Systems

Systems that are designed to help individuals make decisions about their particular financial goals.

Don’t just amble into your retirement; proactively pursue your passion and purpose. We’re here to help you create a strategy to do exactly that.

The Gregory Financial Retirement Game Plan

The Gregory Financial Retirement Game Plan is designed to help clients achieve simplicity and confidence during their retirement years. It focuses on five key financial areas to help you grow your wealth, protect your assets and provide for the people and causes you care about the most.

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    Income Planning

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    Investment Planning

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    Tax-Efficient Strategies Planning

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    Health Care Planning

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    Legacy Planning

Devising Your Personal Plan

Pursue the retirement victories you always envisioned in four easy steps:


Get to Know Each Other

We examine your goals and concerns by reviewing your current:

  • Income plan
  • Investment plan
  • Tax-efficient strategies plan
  • Health care plan
  • Legacy plan

We also share our investment philosophy to help you decide whether you’d like to take the next step with Gregory Financial.


Portfolio Review and Mutual Commitment

We review your current accounts and share a rough draft of your plan that includes:

  • Risk analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Income analysis
  • Social Security analysis
  • Tax and RMD analysis

Following our portfolio review, we collectively decide whether Gregory Financial is the right fit for you.


The Gregory Financial Retirement Game Plan

We implement a comprehensive retirement plan that includes your:

  • Income plan
  • Investment plan

Our growth and preservation options and services can include wealth management, annuities, investments, rollovers and life insurance, as well as strategies for retirement income, asset protection, tax efficiencies and long-term care.



We deliver your policies, review the client website and schedule advanced planning sessions to develop strategies for:

  • Tax efficiencies
  • Health care
  • Legacy
  • Property/Casualty

With your plan implemented and in hand, you’re ready to pursue major goals and reach new heights.